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The Projectile Advantage - the Five Main Reasons

Below are the five main reasons why you should go for Projectile for managing your IT deliverables be it Portfolio, Project and Operations.

1. Projectile is built for managing IT Portfolios, Projects and Operations.

2. Projectile’s intuitive functionality and simple User Interface fosters quicker adoption/learning in the organization.

3. Projectile serves as one integrated repository for managing your IT deliverables. You don’t need specific tools for defects, testing, time entry, Requirements etc…

4. Projectile enables a ‘single source of truth’ that includes real-time comprehensive reports and dashboards.

5. Projectile is flexible. It is available both as SaaS or as an In-premise application based on your risk and cost needs. Projectile is modular which enables you to go for specific functions depending on the needs at a specific point in time. The tool is scalable allowing easy expansion of the functions.

If you are interested in knowing more on how Catyeus can help you , please drop a note to prashanth.southekal@catyeus.com 

Our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product “Projectile” (both SaaS and In-premise based), brings proven IT practices - from concept to deployment to operations at the Portfolio, Project and Operations levels for Consistency, Integration and Visibility of the IT deliverables.

Numerous IT departments have tried Projectile and below are some of the client references on Projectile.

“We have been using Projectile for our IT operations and projects. Projectile provides excellent visibility of our project and operations with real time comprehensive reports. The functionality is simple and it allows the people in my company to use the tool with minimum training. As part of senior management of a small company, we wanted a simple, cost effective and an integrated tool and Projectile fits the bill perfectly.”
Praveen Kalbavi
Managing Director & CEO
Novigo Solutions Private Limited

“Projectile gives the ability to successfully manage software projects by enabling timely workflow, risks management and realize success factors”
Carlo Brandelli
IT Deployment leader
Husky Energy

“I was very impressed with Projectile, which integrates all deliverables in one place. This is what every user will be looking for – one simple integrated tool.”
Ram Prasad
SAP Developer
Seal Consulting

To know more about Projectile, click here to download the online product brochure. You can also request for a free trial of Projectile by clicking here.