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Information Technology (IT) applications typically involve a mix of processes (including data), technology (systems and solutions) and people (initiators, implementers and beneficiaries). However, numerous IT investments have shown weak correlation to Return on Investments (ROI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Value of Investment (VOI) for the organization. To fill this need, we at Catyeus bring consistency (of processes), integration (of deliverables) and visibility (of the progress) in the IT application through our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product "Projectile" which integrates both IT Project Portfolio Management (IT-PPM) and IT Operations Management (IT-OM).

The name Catyeus comes from Catalyst (known to increase the speed of the reaction or change) and Proteus (the Greek God of change). We at Catyeus believe focusing the IT deliverables for consistency, integration and visibility will enhance the chances of delivering IT Portfolios, Projects and Operations successfully.

Values form the foundation of our business. They guide our transactions with our stakeholders reflecting our character. The values of Catyeus are SPICES i.e. Speed, Passion, Integrity, Commitment, Excellence and Simplicity.

•   SPEED: Like how a catalyst increases the speed of a reaction, we love to see the results of our efforts quickly. 
•   PASSION: We are passionate about our work and always do “what is right” for our customers.
•   INTEGRITY: We respect all our commitments with open, clear and transparent communication.
•   COMMITMENT: We strive to deliver high quality and scalable solutions within schedule and budget.
•   EXCELLENCE: We earn the respect and loyalty of our clients by taking ownership of successes and failures .
•   SIMPLICITY: Simplicity  drives our creative pursuits. Also we believe SPEED comes with SIMPLICITY.
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Our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product “Projectile” (both SaaS and In-premise based), brings proven IT practices - from concept to deployment to operations at the Portfolio, Project and Operations levels for Consistency, Integration and Visibility of the IT deliverables.

Consistency is achieved by leveraging industry standard best practices and templates such as SEI-CMMI, PMBOK, IEEE, and ITIL. Projectile integrates all deliverables and functions in one repository. So you don’t need tools specially for defects, testing, time-entry, requirements etc. Projectile provides visibility of the project and operations progress with real time comprehensive reports.

With our Software Portfolio Project Management (SPPM) product “Projectile” (SaaS and In-premise based), we bring proven software engineering practices - from concept to deployment at the Software Portfolio and Project levels for Consistency, Integration and Visibility of the Software PPM deliverables.
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Thought Leadership INDUSTRY SPEAK

“We have been using Projectile for our IT operations and projects. Projectile provides excellent visibility of our project and operations with real time comprehensive reports. The functionality is simple and it allows the people in my company to use the tool with minimum training. As part of senior management of a small company, we wanted a simple, cost effective and an integrated tool and Projectile fits the bill perfectly.”
Praveen Kalbavi
Managing Director & CEO
Novigo Solutions Private Limited

“Dr. Prashanth, the founder of Catyeus, has studied software measurements and made a good contribution to the topic of goal, question, metrics. He is also an expert in other measurement topics, which is an important area of software engineering.”
Capers Jones
VP and Chief Technology Officer
Namcook Analytics LLC

“Projectile gives the ability to successfully manage software projects by enabling timely workflow, risks management and realize success factors”
Carlo Brandelli
IT Deployment leader
Husky Energy

“I was very impressed with Projectile, which integrates all deliverables in one place. This is what every user will be looking for – one simple integrated tool.”
Ram Prasad
SAP Developer
Seal Consulting
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